Kosher Guide

Kosher Guide

Below is  a compilation of kosher products under the supervision of Rabbi Jair Melchior. The entire kosher guide can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions regarding the products please contact the Rabbinate.

The signs used in the Danish Guide:

M The product contains milk or traces of milk and is ‘halavi’ (dairy)
MV The product contains milk and whey poweder. Applicable only to ice cream.
P The product is ‘parve’(stam) and can be used with either milk-products of meat-products
NK The product is NOT kosher

Please note:
1. This list is *not* kosher for Passover!!!

2. The Rabbinate strongly encourages that the declaration on each product is read
before using it as the ingredientscan have changed since this list was complied.


When you buy the product:

– It is always preferable to buy a product that is under rabbinical supervision
(that has a hechsher)

– The products on this list have been controlled, but the production is not under
constant rabbinical supervision.

– This list is based on the rabbinical ruling that the usage of monoglycerides
(such as E 471 + E472), whey powder and whey protein is kosher

– Wine and cheese must be produced under supervision in order to be kosher.

– Regarding cheese: It is permissible to eat ‘soft cheeses’ as long as they do not
contain gelatine. Cheese produced with vegetarian rennet but not under rabbinical
supervision are *not* kosher


As a general rule, a product containing one or more of following ingredients is NOT kosher

  • fats, animal fats, fish oils
  • Gelatin, glyceride, stearic acid.
  • Rennet, casein.
  • Wine acid, wine vinegar
  • Grape juice

The following E-numbers are NOT kosher:

  • E 120
  • E 334
  • E 422
  • E 445
  • E 570


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