Visiting the Great Synagogue

Visiting the Great Synagogue

For visitors less than 10 people
Visits to the synagogue can take place between April through September Monday – Friday between kl. 10 – 12 AM. Please bring your passport for security at the entrance.

If you wish to attend the service at Shabbat, please, if possible, bring your passport for security at the entrance.

Friday Shabbath service starts:

May 24th 19:45
May 30th – July 12th 20:00
July 19th – August 2nd 19:45
July 5th 19:15
July 16th 19:00
July 23rd 18.45
July 30th – September 6th 18:30
September 13th 18:15
September 20th – 27th 18:00
October 4th 17:45
October 11th 17:30
October 18th 17:15
October 25th 17:00
November 1st – 8th 16:00
November 15th – December 20th 15:45
December 27th 15:25

Saturday Shabbath service:
Service starts at 9:00 every week

For groups of visitors of more than 10 people
If you are a group of more than 10 people (tourists, students etc.) please contact the Jewish Information Center at



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